Effective March 7th, 2015

All Day Field Fee and All Day Air/CO2 Fill Fee $15.00

Rental Package, includes:

Basic:Tippman rental, mask, 500 paintballs, Pod Pack and 2 Pods, all day field and air - $45.00

Commando:Tippman A-5, mask, Pod Pack, 500 paintballs - $55.00

E-Tek: E-Tek 4/5 Electronic marker, Rotor Hopper, mask, 500 paintballs, pod pack - $70.00

Extra Paintballs Bag(500) / Case(2000)

Field Grade $ 20.00 / $ 65.00

Premium Grade $ 25.00 / $ 75.00

*We offer Active Duty Military, Veteran, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and First Responder Discounts!!!

*Also applies to first responders!!!

10% discount on additional paint and merchandise

Annual Memberships:

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* Prices are subject to change for special scenario events. Please refer to our events page for game details and fees.

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2019 Waiver

2019 Waiver

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