Operation Rebellion

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017 8:30 am - 8:30 pm

Operation Rebellion


- Semi only within 100 FT 
- Full Auto allowed outside of 100 FT
- FPS limit is 300 with .36 (about 403 with a .20) and 390 FPS with .36 (about 523 with a .20) for DMR or Snipers with 100 FT engagement distance
- For HPA users, Joule limits will be used for the proper BB weight used. 
- No “Bang Bang” rule. All targets are engaged. 
- When a player is shot, you must call “HIT” and fall to the ground simulating you’ve been shot. Being that this is a milsim based OP, acting out being shot is encouraged. A dead rag is not required, but recommended. Not calling your hits will be handled by the ref’s and is not tolerated. 
- No respawn camping, must let opposing team reach first cover. This includes walking or running, a player can’t be shot before reaching first, closest cover.
- Eye protection is required for all players. 18 and under require full seal eye protection WITH lower face protection. 18 and older, full seal goggles, M-Frames or similar glasses with helo kit or similar full seal glasses are allowed. 
- Grenades- The following are allowed: CO2 Thunder V’s (flash bangs) they may be stand alone, filled 1/8 with BB’s or 1/8 with a eye safe powder, Tornado grenades, 40MM grenades, Pea grenades, and COLD BURNING smokes only are allowed. 
- Only 2 of EACH type of grenade are permitted on a player at 1 time. 
- Any grenade that projects BB’s wounds any player in the affected area hit by BB’s. Ricochets off walls count especially inside a building. 
- Medic rule: -1 medic per squad (5-7 ~ players) 
-Medics will be marked with yellow tape in 3 locations -(back of head, both arms) 
-Players will be issued 2 medic bandages 
-Each medic bandages will revive a downed player once (two total revives before you have to walk to respawn)
- In order to be revived, the medic must get to your location, and tie one of your medic bandages around 1of your limbs (legs or arms) and finish applying the bandage. 
- When a medic ties the bandage, they cannot cover up your team marking bands. 
- Once you are hit and have been revived twice, you must return to respawn for a 5 min bleed out time. After that bleed out time, you can return to game play. 
- Once in respawn base, your 2 bandages can be removed and stored for game play. 
- When leaving respawn you are permitted to get to your first cover, in the case your team is pushed back. 
- Medics can move wounded players by fireman carry only to a safe location. 
- All team members will be marked in 03 locations (back of head and both arms) Red team, Blue team, Medics will be marked with Yellow markings along with team markings, and team Commanders will be marked with team markings, Yellow markings (Commanders can medic) and Green markings to identify as the team Commander.
- During the night portion of the game, players will be issued Red glow sticks to be used as a dead call device. 


*Make sure you are given an order from your chain of command to complete an objective, don’t just decide to do something yourself. Always check with your squad leaders, who will check with the team commander. *

Ammo Re-supply- This objective simulates a 2 man team having to resupply there platoon with ammo. 
- 2 ammo crates will be placed in the White House (castle) for both teams to grab and bring back to their base and respawn point. 
- 2 players must have hands on the crate to move it.
- Each team can only grab and posses one crate at a time. A team can retrieve one crate, bring it back to their respawn, and go back for the second crate, but cannot move the second crate until the first is captured and returned to respawn.
- This is a revolving objective, once a create is captured it will be returned. There is no cap limit on this objective. 
- This objective is worth 10 POINTS per box. 

White House Control- this objective simulates a team holding down the property of the White House. 
- NATO will control the White House at the start of the game with no more than 10 players. (depending on turnout) 
- To hold the White House, you must raise your team flag in the flag holder on the second floor of the building. 
- To capture the White House, you must eliminate the enemy players holding the location and raise your flag in the White House. You must also return the opposing teams flag to the lobby of the White House.
- The flags for each team will be placed at the end of the stairs in the lobby. 
- Do not remove the enemy’s flag or tamper with any of the equipment during this objective. 
- This is a continuing objective and will be constant battle throughout the day. 
- This objective is worth 10 POINTS per hour held, 25 points for capturing the White house. 

Plant an I.E.D- This objective simulates a team infilling to a location, planting a I.E.D and blowing up a building.
- By placing a I.E.D inside a building and planting it, if successful, will remove the building from play for 20 min. 
- To plant the I.E.D you must first retrieve the I.E.D from Hamburger Hill upper deck. 
- Then with 2 players you can remove the I.E.D and bring it to your base to hold it until you plan to use it, you can choose a target building to eliminate or you can save it for use in a trade later in the game. 
- To plant the I.E.D 2 players must move the I.E.D to the target building. 
- When at target building, both players must have 1 hand on the I.E.D at all times. 
- The second hand can be used to defend yourself and the bomb, but you cannot use your primary weapon. Only secondary weapons can be used by the 2 planting players.
- We recommend when planting, you use a security force to guard the building so the planting players do not have to resort to this. 
- The I.E.D takes 2 min to plant and the planting players must stay alive during this time. If they are hit, they can be revived by a medic but the 2 min time limit starts over. 
- Once the I.E.D is planted and rigged to explode, the building will be marked with a flag by a ref and is out of play for 20 min to both teams. 
- Make sure you properly notify your chain of command prior to mission to ensure upon completion of the mission the building is properly marked. 

H.V.T- This objective simulates your squad having to infill a H.V.T, perform a task or transport your H.V.T to the exfill location unharmed. 
- During this objective, your chain of command will notify you of a incoming H.V.T that needs to be moved to a safe house, or transported to locations such as the boat yard, air strip or White House for a hot extract. 
- During this mission, the H.V.T is your top priority, if the H.V.T is shot, he can only be revived once. 
- If shot, he must be fireman carried to a safe location, and then transported to the corresponding team’s respawn point by back board transport for mission failure. 

H.V .T Mission Pre-Mission- This mission must be complete before moving your H.V.T to the designated location. 
- In order to move your H.V.T, the exfill location must be swept and or controlled by a security team.
- During your sweep, you’re looking for items such as C4, Dynamite Stick Bombs, Trip Mines and Mines. 
- If during your sweep, a bomb of any kind is found, secure a perimeter around the site and notify your chain of command. Squad Leaders are cross trained as EOD Specialists and can disarm bombs without dyeing. 

Planting C4, Dynamite Sticks Bombs, Trip Mines and Mines - objective of this mission is to place 2 bomb like devices throughout the field for your team to eliminate opposing players. 
- Once these items are placed, they are live and in play until the planting team moves them, or they are deployed.
- Only 2 devices can be placed on the field by each team at a time. 
- During game play, if a player of one team, comes with in 10 FT of a Bomb Prop (non functioning bomb) of another team, they are dead, this will be monitored by refs but should be enforced by players themselves. 
- Bombs can only be placed and disarmed by Squad Leaders, they are cross trained as EOD Technicians.
- Squad leaders must notify the Commander locations of placed bombs.
- Once a device has been detonated, it is removed from play from a reff and returned to the corresponding team Commander.
- After it is returned to the commander, it can be passed to a Squad Leader to be placed again on the field. 
- 10 FT kill radius
- To complete this objective, you must place your bomb devices, for every kill that device creates you will receive 2 POINTS. 

Bomb types and characteristics: 
C4- A box type bomb, brown in color, has wires in it to remote detonator, will be marked with tape red or blue per team color, 10 FT kill radios, non-functioning prop
Dynamite sticks- Red sticks, has wick type detonation, usually found in bundle of 3, marked with tape red or blue per team color, 10 FT kill radios, non-functioning prop
Mines- Circular in shape, flat, marked with tape red or blue per team color, 10 FT kill radios, non-functioning prop
Trip Mines- These devices are any of the above bombs, tied to a co2 Sound Grenade using fishing line as a tripwire setup. The grenade and bomb must be marked with the team colors. Once device is detonated, it will be clear that the player and sounding players are dead. 20 FT kill radios. The sound grenades can be standard, bb filled, or powder filled. The grenades are NOT provided by the swamp and must be provided by players, thus the increased kill radios. 

Downed Aircraft Pilot and Crew Rescue- This mission is for both teams. This mission simulates a downed aircraft in the town, the pilot and crew are injured and need to be found, treated for wounds, and exfilled to the designated location. 
- In the mission there will be 1-3 seriously injured people, and 1-2 possibly injured or minor injuries. 
- Less critical patients will need to be treated and transported to the exfill location quickly.
- More seriously injured people will need to be treated for wounds with TQ’s, Ace bandage wound wraps, vital sign checks, and stabilization of the patients. These patients will need to be placed on back boards and exfilled to the proper exfill location. 
- In order to carry a player on a back board, you must have 4 people carrying the back board. 
- The team tasked with rescuing the crew will need to get to the crash site, set up a security zone to allow medics and other personal to treat the patients and package the patients. 
- The security team will need to protect the downed aircraft crew and medical personal. 
- If the security team and medical staff are over run, the opposing team can take the downed aircraft crew hostage.
- In order for the opposing team to do this, they must eliminate the security team and medical staff, and move the hostages to their respawn. 
- Once they reach the opposing team’s respawn, the team who was tasked with the rescue can negotiate a hostage rescue either by forced rescue utilizing special forces teams, or by peaceful hostage negotiation using a negotiator.
- If the teams decide to partake in a hostage negotiation, they can use items such as C4, Dynamite Stick Bombs, Mines, I.E.D, or other options to trade for the hostages. 
- In order to complete this mission, the team tasked with the rescue and exfill of the downed aircraft personal must set security, tend to the medical needs of the patients, package the patients, and exfill to the designated location. Completion of this mission will be worth 50 POINTS. 
- In order for the opposing team tasked with capturing the downed aircraft crew, the team must eliminate the security team, eliminate the medical staff, exfill the wounded aircraft crew by means of back board, fireman carry or assisted walking methods back to their respon point. Completion of this mission will be worth 50 POINTS. 

Intel Cards- This objective is a continuing mission throughout the day. This mission simulates a player wounding a enemy, getting to that wounded player and searching them for any possible intel they may have. 
- Intel cards can be given to any player.
- These cards will be given out by the Team Commander at random.
- Each team will give out 10 intel cards to players to hide on their person
- Players must put these intel cards in normal easy to access spots such as pockets, admin pouches, and other gear pouches. 
- The ONLY method for searching a enemy players clothing is by the pat and sweep method (demonstrate method) and all gear can be detailed search. 
- Respect is used when searching any player. 
- If a player has any objections to being searched or does not want to partake in being searched please notify any ref, Greg The Swamp Owner or William the Event coordinator. 
- Cards will be labeled red or blue and will look like playing cards (show example of intel card) 
- If you search a player and retrieve a intel card, bring it to your squad leader, they will bring it to the Commander and it will be accounted for. 
- Completion of this mission is worth 5 POINTS

Contractor Force- During the OP, your chain of command will be notified of a Contractor Force, guns for hire that you can buy to aid your team. The Contractor Force will consist of 2-3 players 
- Your objective is to make contact with the contractor force by getting to the second floor Hamburger Hill, buy them using the prop money, and they will defend the position of Hamburger Hill, killing any enemy in that area. 
- The contracted force can NOT move freely around the field. They can only guard Hamburger Hill. 
- The opposing team can buy the Contractor Force off by eliminating the contractor force, making contact by getting into the second floor of Hamburger Hill, and when wounded, buy them off using the prop money. At that time the contractor force would fight for the team who bought them off.
- If your team owns the Contractor Force and they are wounded, your teams medic can medic them using the normal medic rules to bring them back into the fight. 
- The contractor force will mark what team they have loyalty to by using red or blue colored flag flown on the second floor of Hamburger hill. 
- The contractors will only be able to fight for a total of 30 min in the battle.
- To complete this mission, you must buy the contractor force. Each time the contractor force is bought, the buying team will receive 10 POINTS. 

Point System Rewards:

During the course of the game, the team Commanders will keep track of the points earned for each team. This is why it is important to report when starting and completion of a objective. During the day the points earned can be used for multiple rewards. The following rewards can be applied:
- Airstrike- A simulated airstrike on a target building can be sent. The airstrike will kill all players inside ONE building OR ONE area of choose not to exceed a 35 FT radios. An airstrike warning will be sounded off by Reff’s and will sound like a blow horn being sounded 3 times. If you hear this sound take cover because something is coming. If a building is chosen, once bombed, it will be out of play for 20 min. Once it is hit, a flag will be placed at the building marking it out of play. The opposing team’s respawn OR first cover, not to include major buildings can NOT be chosen for a airstrike. This reward cost 50 POINTS
- Artillery Strike- A simulated Artillery strike can be called in using the field map. Using the map, the Commander can mark 5 different target areas of 5FT radios circles on the open field, or on buildings. Once the Commander has marked the 5 target spots on the map, it is given to the ref. Once the ref gets to the target area a airstrike warning will be sounded off by Ref’s and will sound like a blow horn being sounded 3 times. If you hear this sound take cover because something is coming. They will then announce the players found in the 5 FT target area dead. The opposing team’s respawn OR first cover, not to include major buildings can NOT be chosen for a artillery strike. This reward cost 40 POINTS
- RPG/Missile Launcher- A simulated RPG or Missile Launcher will be deployed using props; a PVC pipe as the launcher, and a nerf football as the projectile. This weapon needs 2 players to launch. One player to hold the launcher and one to throw the projectile. The projectile thrown will kill enemy players with in a 10 FT radios of its landing. Enemy players hit will be called out by ref if not called out themselves. RPG’s will not be effective on major buildings, but will be effective on specific target areas, vehicles, buses, and small buildings/cover . This reward costs 15 POINTS. 

Special Forces/ Mercenary Squad- Depending on OP numbers, a special forces or mercenary squad of 5-10 people will be chosen for each team to perform top secrete operations. This team will be comprised of more experienced players, chosen by the Commander and Squad Leaders. Special Ops teams report directly to the Commander. 

Special Forces/ Mercenary Squad Missions and Objectives:
- Security- When the Commander must move to exposed locations, the special forces unit will provide a security detail for him or her. 
- Securing Infill and Exfill Locations- During the HVT missions, the special ops team will assist in securing the infill and exfill location. 
- I.E.D, C4, Dynamite Stick Bomb, Mine, and Trip Mine Disarmament- During the OP, the Special forces unit will be on the lookout for I.E.D, C4, Dynamite Stick Bomb, Mine, and Trip Mines. When found, they along with squad leaders can disarm them without being killed. 
- Hostage Recovery- during any hostage situations, the special operation team will be tasked with recovering the hostages either by being sneaky or fighting their way in. 
- Unit Support- The special operation forces are also there to support the other squads in any objective.

Sniper Unit- This is a specialized unit tasked with providing enemy movement, over watch missions, and assignation of the enemy Commander. This unit will be comprised of 1-2 people who are dedicated to the sniper role. Being sneaky, stealth, slow movements, specific shots, less shooting and more are tactics of a sniper were looking for. Depending on OP size and volunteer numbers for this position, we will decide how or if this position is implemented. If implemented, each team will have a dedicated sniper unit as a detachment of their special forces teams. 

Meal Re-supply- During the OP at Aprox 1300-1345 we will have lunch. This will NOT be a lunch break. The way lunch will be handled is by the following: 
- We recommend players to either pack a lunch in a labeled bag or lunch box OR we will have a food truck on site to sell packed style lunches. 
- If you do not pack a lunch, please let who is at the register know when signing in to the OP so we can get a total of how many to order. 
- All the lunches will be placed in crates at the beginning of the Op according to your team. 
- When 1300 hits the teams will be pulled back to their respawn and the crates will be brought out to the middle of the field. 2 people from each team will go up to retrieve their crates.
- Once the crates reach the corresponding teams side, the game will resume. One half of the team should eat while the other half sets up a security perimeter around the respawn area. 
- Once the first half of players are done eating, they should hold security for the other half
- Holding a good security boarder is important because during lunch the special forces squads could be tasked with eliminating the other teams security force. 
- Once your lunch crate is brought to your team, you can eat at your own pace, that is either fast to get up in the fight, or slower to regain some energy. 

Equipment Re-Supply- At the beginning of the OP, when players enter the field, you are required to bring everything you need for the entirety of the 12 hour OP. Leaving the Field is not advised. In the spirit of a milsim based event, we would like to have players bring all of their equipment onto the field and in a back pack, pack or carrying/storage system. As in the military where soldiers are required to bring everything they need for a operation such as survival equipment, communications, ammo and weapons, cloths, intel, specialized gear and more into their Operations, we would like to replicate this to the fullest potential. 

Recommend Equipment List For All Players- We recommend the following items for every player to bring in there packs onto the field:
- Airsoft guns
- Batteries
- HPA Equipment 
- Extra BB’s, CO2, green gas
- Magazines 
- Eye Protection (good to have extra)
- Lower face (if age requires)
- Battery chargers ( we will have power strips at each respawn)
- Smoke grenades, Thunder v’s, Tornado grenades and more
- Snacks and water
- Tools 
- Load bearing gear
- Night operations equipment 
- Communication Equipment 
- Hand held flashlight and weapon mounted flashlight 
- Jacket for bad weather

Kit Recommendations for NATO- The following are recommended kit ideas as well as a way for players to get a idea of what were looking for.
- Multicam, M81 Woodland and Desert , Woodland or Desert Marpat, AOR1 and AOR2, Other American Camo. 
- Other camo patterns such as German, Russian, Australian, and more are acceptable 
- Black, gray and navy blue are allowed AS LONG as the player is running a SWAT or Law Enforcement loadout
- Plate carrier or chest rig of any color 
- M4, G36, Scar, SR25, M249, or other military style rifles are allowed as long as they flow with your kit. 
- Helmets and color matching caps 

The NATO force is a military force and we expect kits to reflect this to create the atmosphere of the situation and event we are trying to create.

Kit Recommendations for The Rebels- 
- Jeans, cargo pants, any color or type
- Rebels can wear camo, but only 1 piece of clothing (if you were a BDU top, then don’t wear the bottoms, or if you were the bottoms, don’t wear the top)
- Sweat shirts, jackets or flannel tops
- Base ball caps of any color and style
- Helmets 
- Chest rigs and plate carriers are allowed for rebel forces
- Weapons are endless, anything you have will work for the rebel force

The Rebel team is a group of angry, militarized citizens fighting for their freedom from the government. This kit is fairly easy and resembles a PMC styled kit. 

*These are just recommendations, most kits will be acceptable if you have any questions or anything you are not sure if it will be able to be used, please don’t hesitate to contact the owner Greg, the Airsoft Director Robert, or event coordinator William*

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